What went wrong? I went wrong!

Overconfidence can be a killer.  This is especially true in the realm of high risk sports such as Sky Diving or even Scuba Diving.  I can personally relate because I have experienced this feeling of overconfidence, which overtakes you in thinking you are somewhat...

Interested In Skydiving?

You have probably heard the saying "Why would you jump out of a perfectly good airplane?" when someone is talking about skydiving. I know I hear it whenever I talk about my skydiving experiences and I find it amusing that people would so adamantly refuse to try new...

Basic Keel Boat Day 2

Day two on 3/1/15 has come to an end and it was amazing. Once we were all on the boat all fear and anxiety subsided. We were all excited to get out on the open sea. Well as far as our instructor would allow. Spent most of the day tacking and jibing. The weather...

Basic Keel Boat Class Day 1

February 28th, 2015 was the first of four days on the road to Basic Keel Boat certification. It was full of anticipation and anxiety. I had become certified 13 years prior but only for vessels that are up to 14 feet in length and winds up to 9Mph. When sailing in the...

Advanced Open Water Certification

I finally took the Advanced Open Water Scuba class and passed. I am officially an Advanced Open Water Scuba Diver and also acquired my Peak Performance Cert. which basically means I have buoyancy control. I think I still need to work more on my buoyancy control...

Open Water Certification

Well I have finished my Open Water Dive Certification course and I am now a certified scuba diver.  Next I am going for my Advanced Open Water Dive Certification which will allow me to do some ship wreck dives and go to deeper depths.

Open Water Dive Certification

I am in the process of getting my Open Water Dive certification.  I have already finished the pool dives and next weekend will be doing my Ocean dives.  I hope to have some great adventures in diving.

Blue Skies

After an ankle injury which grounded me for a while I am back soaring the Blue Skies.  It feels great to get back out there and feel the wind.  I was able to get a couple of jumps in two weeks ago and should be back out there this weekend.

Canopy Course

I had my canopy course on Saturday.  Gained some valuable knowledge on flying a canopy properly and making my landing pattern tighter.  My fourth and last jump of the day I had a nasty line twist but was able to recover from it and had the best landing pattern I ever...

Jumping again!

After a 4 Month hiatus I am once again skydiving.  I had to do a short retrain and repeat Level 8.  Level 8 went great and I got another skydive in as well.  It was a great Saturday.

One Great Skydive

I had a great skydive this last Saturday. I got to the drop-zone a bit late in the day but was able to get one jump in. I started off with a good landing pattern until I realized I was reading the windsock wrong and had to re-evaluate my landing area. I made some...

Coach Jump and Solo Jump 3/24/12

I was able to get a coach and solo jump Saturday March 24, 2012.  Coach jump went really well but the landing could have been better while my solo jump went perfectly.  I need 11 more jumps and then I can get my A license.  Once I receive my A license I will be able...

Coach Jump

Last Saturday March 3, 2012 I did my first coach jump. Everything went perfectly. I was able to dock with my coach and my landing was as good as it gets. Only 13 more jumps and I get my A License!

Hop & Pop

Last Saturday was pretty eventful. I got to do a solo and a Hop & Pop. A Hop & Pop is where you simulate an emergency exit by jumping at 5,000 feet and deploying your chute within 5 seconds. I took a bit longer and from what I was told by a friend on the plane; the...

Solo Jumps

Hope everyone is well, I know I am. I was able to get two solo jumps in this past Sunday and it was great. In three weeks I hope to get at least three more jumps in if not more.

Sky Diving!

This was my fifth jump at the Lake Elsinore Drop Zone. It was amazing! I was able to perform everything in the dive flow for this level except tracking. I am well on my way to becoming a certified Sky Diver. The feeling and rush of falling at terminal velocity is...

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