One Great Skydive

One Great Skydive

I had a great skydive this last Saturday. I got to the drop-zone a bit late in the day but was able to get one jump in. I started off with a good landing pattern until I realized I was reading the windsock wrong and had to re-evaluate my landing area. I made some...

Coach Jump and Solo Jump 3/24/12

I was able to get a coach and solo jump Saturday March 24, 2012.  Coach jump went really well but the landing could have been better while my solo jump went perfectly.  I need 11 more jumps and then I can get my A license.  Once I receive my A license I will be able...

Coach Jump

Last Saturday March 3, 2012 I did my first coach jump. Everything went perfectly. I was able to dock with my coach and my landing was as good as it gets. Only 13 more jumps and I get my A License!

Hop & Pop

Last Saturday was pretty eventful. I got to do a solo and a Hop & Pop. A Hop & Pop is where you simulate an emergency exit by jumping at 5,000 feet and deploying your chute within 5 seconds. I took a bit longer and from what I was told by a friend on the...

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