Day two on 3/1/15 has come to an end and it was amazing. Once we were all on the boat all fear and anxiety subsided. We were all excited to get out on the open sea. Well as far as our instructor would allow.

Spent most of the day tacking and jibing. The weather started of with light wind with some ominous clouds in the distance. We know there would be a chance of rain but did not really think anything of it.

Later in the day the wind started to pick up and it made for some great sailing. We did feel a few droplets here and there but nothing major. It wasn’t until we started heading back to dock that the weather turned.

It seemed as if Poseidon was beside himself with grief as if jaded by a beautiful siren and decided to let his emotions flow freely. This was quite an experience since we had to bring the vessel back under a down pour; lowering the main and jib sheet while on a wet deck was a bit un-nerving but doable.

Coming in to dock went as smoothly as could be and we are all ready for day 3 and 4 next weekend.

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